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Best Baby Carrier Reviews

Baby carriers have become a staple in modern parenting. In fact, it has become a favorite in baby shower gifts or presents for expecting parents. It’s true, a new parent cannot simply go without a carrier in these hectic times.

Even in more ancient times, carriers have been very helpful for tribes of people who are often moving about, foraging, hunting or migrating. These devices helped them move with ease while securing their children’s safety and wellbeing.

The same principle still stands today as modern parents strive to achieve a balance between family and career, between finishing chores, running errands and caring for babies.

In these contemporary times though the baby wrap has become a vastly popular option for parents who seek a more natural approach as opposed to the standard carriers available on the market.

Wraps have been surely used in more primitive times but they seem to have made a comeback these days. The wrap does have its perks:


Yes, you read that right. And maybe you never even thought about it before but wraps really can be worn even without the baby since it is just a piece of fabric slung across your body.

This way, you can slip the baby in and out without necessarily removing the wrap and then walk around with it still on and ready to place the baby back in once you need to carry him around.

Wraps are very versatile. You need not go through the hassle of removing it and putting it back on which saves you precious time.


The warmth, the snugness and the close contact along with the sound of momma’s heartbeat makes it similar to the environment inside the womb.

This makes it more conducive for a sound and deep sleep as your baby recounts the loving months inside your body, tucked away safe and warm.

With structured carriers, they have a bit more room and with the semi-hard spine structure, they may feel less at ease and may take only short naps at a time.


It is not only sleep that improves with the wrap when it comes to babies. You may find that not only do they sleep longer they also fall asleep quicker too.

The snug position that tucks their heads into the wrap causes them to settle a lot better and a lot quicker as opposed to a structured carrier that leaves a lot of open space to wiggle and looks around and cause distraction.


Since the wrap secures your baby tight against your body, once he falls asleep, you can be more mobile without dropping him out or distracting him into wakefulness.

You can bend over, twist, reach back and up and your baby will still be snug as a bug against your chest. Allowing you to get more work done.

Having mentioned all these factors, the modern conventional carrier does have its benefits too:


Soft structured carriers are best for bigger or older babies who demand a bit more freedom and space to move about since carriers usually allow more freedom for their arms and legs.

Bigger babies tend to become fussier when cramped or confined in a snug wrap. They also have more body fat making them less tolerant of the warmth that a snug wrap offers which is often an advantage for smaller babies who feel more secure in a tight, warm environment.


Older babies tend to be more adventurous and want to explore the external environment. They are easily awed by sights, sounds, and textures that are completely new to them.

Carrying them front facing forward is the best position to allow then maximum access to the external environment. This way, when taking a walk along the neighborhood, they can familiarize with the common sights of other people, sounds not commonly heard inside the home, as well as the sensation of touching textures that make up the outside world such as outdoor plants.

If your little one does get overwhelmed with facing forward to the external environment you can always flip them back to facing-in.