Best Kids Hiking Shoes in 2021-Buying Guide


Favorite kids “HIKING SHOES FOR KIDS ” running shoes. Most of the time, I buy shoes in this category for my kids. Here we suggested the best hiking shoes for your toddler/kids. Mostly we have not found stores to sell hiking shoes for kids but We’ve brought the best options to buy the best hiking shoes for your kids. Here are our top 8 hiking shoes and shoes for kids. We’ve personally tried some, and adventure families highly recommend others.

What to consider when you want to buy hiking shoes for kids:

Comfortable walking shoe:

This is always the number one factor for me when buying any hiking shoes, simply because if the shoes aren’t comfortable, your kids won’t wear them. Every child is different, so trying to find a couple of the best baby hiking shoes for your little one’s feet is always a great idea to find comfortable baby walking shoes.

Walking shoes support:

When we’re on the road, I know my kids ‘feet will work hard in their kids’ hiking shoes. Find baby hiking shoes that support arch and toe, and if you have a child who is prone to rolling their ankles or falling off a lot, get a good pair of kids’ hiking shoes with high or medium height ankle support.

Traction hiking shoe:

From a children’s perspective, hiking can also be viewed as an opportunity to ski on every rock, jump on every log, and run on every hill. Since there is no real way to slow a baby down, the best thing you can do is buy shoes with good traction for the Baby Walkers so that they can at least get on their feet.

One of the main advantages that kids’ hiking shoes have over sneakers is traction, so it’s worth investing in good kids hiking shoes.

Waterproof Walking Shoes:

Many of today’s kids’ hiking shoes are waterproof, and they can be a good and a bad thing. It’s great because it keeps their feet dry. It isn’t good because waterproof shoes usually don’t breathe as well. So, before you choose kids’ waterproof hiking shoes, think about the type of terrain you will normally walk in and the most important feature. If you live in an especially humid climate, waterproof kids’ hiking shoes are a must.

However, when it comes to everything, there is no best hiking shoe for every child. Every child is different so that the best fit will be different for each person. Some babies have wider feet or need a more cushioned sole. We usually order two pairs of pairs and return the ones that don’t fit you.

Unfortunately, not many stores sell kids’ hiking shoes, so we’ve found most of the online options. Here are our top 8 hiking shoes and shoes for kids — we’ve personally tried (and loved) some, and adventure families highly recommend others.

Top 8 kids hiking shoes:

1-Merrell Unisex-Child Trail Chaser Sneaker

kids hiking shoesIf you are looking for great toddler hiking shoes or toddler hiking shoes, the Merrell Trail Chaser is a great choice. I have found that the best hiking shoes for toddlers are usually better than tall shoes for toddlers because toddlers may find it difficult to walk in tall boots.

Toddler hiking shoes are great because they have a velcro closure to put on and off by themselves, and the sole provides great traction for toddlers. While these toddler walking shoes are not waterproof, they are a much stiffer option than a regular tennis shoe for walking toddlers.

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2-Salomon Kids Girl’s Speed cross (Little Kid/Big Kid)

kids hiking shoes

At about six ounces, the Speed cross is the lightest shoe on this review. This means that your child can run unimpeded. The quick-dry breathable mesh shoe has been reinforced on the toe, sides, and heel to better withstand the bouncy bowl of kids. But that doesn’t conflict with its clever traction: The Contagrip sole, which is the same thing Salomon uses in adult shoes, gives young children stability and control in any terrain, whether they’re jostling over a rocky field, jogging at full speed in heavy dirt, or walking in muddy fields. The breathable mesh at the top helps dry shoes quickly when damp grass saturates these light hikers.

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3-HOBIBEAR Kids Snow Boots Boys Girls Winter Boots

kids hiking shoes


Easy to operate and take off: hook and loop lock on top to tighten it to keep snow away, easy to pull and remove for kids themselves.

PERFECT FOR ANY ACTIVITY: These snow boots are suitable for cold winter days, ideal for activities like camping, hiking, running, sledding, skiing, trekking, dog walking, hiking, outdoors, and also a good gift for Christmas.

Non-slip insole: TPR thermoplastic rubber outsole is designed to maximize grip on wet and snowy terrain that babies slip while playing sports, and their mom is more assured.

Warm velvet inside: Airtight closure Soft faux fur lining keeps feet warm and comfortable all day long. From jeans to shorts, dresses, and skirts of any length, these shoes are a sure way to style any look.


WATERPROOF SURFACE: High-quality water repellent and features a durable fabric upper, easy to care for, and keeps feet dry and comfortable

Warm Plush Inside: A soft, sealed faux fur lining keeps feet warm and comfortable all day. From jeans to shorts, dresses, and skirts of any length, these shoes are a sure way to style any look.

Easy on and off: Hook and loop fastener at the top for securing to prevent snow, and easy to put on and off for children by themselves

NON-SLIP Sole: TPR plastic thermoplastic rubber outsole is designed for maximum grip on wet and snowy terrain as kids glide in sports, mom is more confident.

PERFECT FOR ANY ACTIVITY: Our snow boots are suitable for cold winter days, ideal for activities like camping, hiking, running, sledding, skiing, trekking, dog walking, hiking, and the outdoors, and they are also a good gift for Christmas.

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4-Mishansha Boys Girls Hiking Shoes Mesh Knit

kids hiking shoe

Mechancha offers the most comfortable, fashionable, and elegant footwear designs. Detailed information for Menscha kids outdoor shoes:

  1.  Kids hiking shoes with an anti-collision toe cap for double protection.
  2.  The boy/girl shoes have an eco-friendly non-slip rubber sole with a tread that provides outdoor grip.
  3.  The soft fabric provides a secure fit around the foot while the straps allow your little one to walk or run comfortably.
  4. Trekking shoes for children in all weather provide enough space for freedom of movement and do not exert any additional pressure.
  5.  Its low weight greatly reduces the load on foot.

Flyknit walking shoe

High-quality nubuck and Flyknit fabric make the kids’ outdoor walking shoes light, comfortable and flexible.

Shock-resistant toe caps protect children’s feet from sharp objects, making them suitable for outdoor use.

Lightweight shoes suitable for all weather

The convenient and practical Velcro fasteners make it easy and quick to put on and take off.

Removable insole and comfortable material ensure your kids’ feet stay dry and comfortable outside.

Non-slip baby shoes

Non-slip rubber sole with tread ensures the shoe provides plenty of traction.

Durable heel for improved cushioning and ankle protection.

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5-Merrell Kids’ Jungle Moc Moccasin

kids hiking shoes

Merrell is known for its durable footwear and comfortable, versatile shoes. The Jungle Moc is the most popular of all Merrell styles because it embodies these traits and has a force of loyal fans. If you have never tried the Merrell Jungle Moc, you might be wondering what makes it so cool. Lucky for you, I’m here today to provide you with details.

The Merrell Jungle Moc is not an outdoor hiking athletic shoe, nor is it the standard walking sneaker. People love the Jungle Moc because it is the perfect combination of the sneaker and outdoor hiking shoe, all wrapped in an easy-to-wear fashion. The cushioning and support are evident as soon as the Merrell Jungle Moc slips first. I’ve noticed it feels like a comfy sneaker. However, unlike most hiking shoes, the Jungle Moc features a durable outsole and a waterproof option.

You can easily wear Merrell Jungle Moc with jeans or any casual wear. This style is at home in a casual work setting, urban exploration, or even hiking. You will not find shoes more versatile. In fact, to add diversity, the Merrell Jungle Moc is available in a variety of leathers and nubucks, waterproof, and a wide width. The Jungle Moc is available for men, women, and children.

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6-Merrell Kids’ M-Chameleon Hiking Shoe

kids hiking shoes

Now, this hiking shoe is made with a nubuck suede leather and mesh upper. It will feature a waterproof M Select™ DRY membrane that will keep the water out of the shoes and in case moisture does build up inside. You have no worries because the membrane will allow that moisture to escape quickly, giving your kids a nice dry ensure environment.

Now up front, you have your bungee laces that are very easy to use. You don’t have to tie anything. They are just kind of a a stretch on their own. You have a hook-and-loop strap right above that so your kids could go ahead and put these on by themselves without having to ask an adult.

There’s plenty of padding throughout for support and comfort. All in the right areas, along with a pull tab around the back, Midsole here is made with a lightweight EVA and that’s going to give your kids tons of stability and also provide shock absorption, and this all sits on top of this rubber select fit outsole.

It has this nice lug pattern to make sure there’s enough traction while you’re out there on those trails. Now, if your little one loves hiking, this is the shoe to get.

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7-Hawkwell Kids Outdoor Hiking Shoe(Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

kids hiking shoes

If you are on a tight budget, Hawkwell baby hiking shoes are an option to look out for, and they won’t make you feel like you’re missing out on anything the more expensive models have. The upper is made of polyurethane and mesh and provides breathability and good ankle support for outdoor hiking.

The footbed is very comfortable thanks to the EVA material, and the Midsole comes with a heel stabilizer and protective toe cover. The shoes fit all sizes of children’s feet and are easily wearable thanks to the belt-tie system. A rubber cup sole and buttonhole pattern give you the same amount of traction and traction you’ll find in more expensive shoes.

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8-La Sportiva FALCON Low Little Kids’ Hiking Shoe

kids hiking shoes

Many of the designs on our list are lightweight or semi-runner in nature, but La Sportiva’s sturdy Spire is backpack-ready — or very close to a hiking shoe. It feels solid and bulky with good stiffness and a thick midsole, effectively insulating you from rough and rocky tracks (even the La Sportiva goes as far as to call it a low-cut hiking shoe). Enjoy excellent protection and control over a variety of terrain, plus the high-quality build we have come to expect from this Italian climbing brand, and you have one of the most capable hiking shoes on the market.

Why isn’t the La Sportiva Spire ranked higher? At about 2 pounds, it is heavy for a low-rise hiking shoe and sits relatively high at the ankle. Second, its $ 190 price tag makes it the most expensive model on this list, even topping the high-end Arc’teryx Aerios FL above. Finally, we appreciate a snug fit that should work well for most foot types, but the shoe is a bit wide at the heel, and we had to fasten it tightly to avoid slipping.

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What are the best hiking shoes for toddlers?

We have handpicked a selection of the leading outdoor footwear specialists available on Amazon. Note, not all brands will cut down to the smallest sizes for toddlers.

When are lightweight shoes important?

While there are a number of situations where a lightweight shoe is important to children, here is a list of the three best:

  • Mishansha Boys Girls Hiking Shoes Mesh Knit
  • Merrell Kids’ M-Chameleon Hiking Shoe
  • La Sportiva FALCON Low Little Kids’ Hiking Shoe


Every child and every outing is unique, so it’s tough to find the best kid’s hiking shoes for every occasion. Follow our advice to find which model is best for you and accompany your child on many exciting natural adventures. The options are there, just waiting for you to put them to the test.