10 Important Stroller Accessories for Every Stroller Mom

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Are you the stroller mom? Baby strollers are exceptional equipment that every mom or mom to be should own. If you have kids running around your home, a stroller will give you an enjoyable time with them. But you need to know which stroller accessories you need.

You won’t have to worry about your kids while going shopping, how you gonna move around with them, how you’ll double up with kids and groceries, and much more. In fact, the best strollers come with a large storage basket for all that.

While all that is true, strollers like any other equipment will give in to wear and tear. The good thing about strollers is that they can be easily fixed. Additionally, the damaged parts can be easily replaced.

Our experts have studied quite some stroller accessories that can either be replaced in case they are worn out or can be added to make the stroller use quite efficient. We have indeed gone round and summed up some of the best. Also read about Best Double Jogging Stroller.


The very best handlebars come with super fittings. Grips can be made out of rubber or any ideal but comfortable material to hold. Some handlebars are also adjustable. You could push them further behind or simply pull them apart.

In the case of damages, handlebars will lose their grip or might fail to function properly. Use your warranty to get your handlebar fixed or buy a new pair.


Stroller wheels might come with spokes or polymer. Check out these two strollers: Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System and the Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller to see the difference. Spokes look like a bicycle’s while polymer wheels don’t.

With frequent use, the spokes could get damaged, or the polymer wears off. Getting a new set of wheels for your stroller will be perfect. When buying the wheels, you should check for the right size and ideal capacity.


In our quest for better stroller experience, we’ve realized that the strollers also support cup holders. These boxes are cool for holding drinks in place including sodas, water bottles, and any liquid containers.

Such an accessory will be the best for moms who love to take a trip to the park and have a bite between their strolls. If your baby can hold a cup get them a tray with a cup holder. Read more about Best Travel System Strollers.


Many of our readers often ask why they need a stroller bag. Well, it’s simple really. You can’t buy strollers every time you visit a place. Buying strollers can be a pretty expensive affair. Storage bags allow you to easily carry your stroller through trips and visits.

They are also super cool when it comes to protecting your stroller from cuts, scratches, and any other forms of wear and tear. Most umbrella strollers often come with stroller bags. Here is an example, the Joovy Grove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller.

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Sometimes your stroller frame could break. Because of an accident, it could sustain a weak dent. It can also char if you had used highly abrasive detergents to clean it. This would mean looking for a new frame.

Here is our advice for any stroller mom out there. Look for frames that can support car seats and double up as durable frames from great alloys. Steel and aluminum are the best. Read more about the Best Lightweight Stroller.


Our experts have also found quite some super stroller canopies. We have adjustable canopies, single canopies, extra large, and those with a peak a boo window. Whichever your type of canopy, canopies will be replaceable if they wear off.

They can also be replaced in case you need a different size. If you love a stroller, don’t walk off because the canopy was too small. Hell no! Grab it and buy a better canopy. Also check out the Best Umbrella Stroller.


Tires are the most notorious of all. Many strollers come with pneumatic tires. These are tires that require air pressure to function properly. With some bursts and tears, your tire might no longer be able to hold any more air pressure.

Whether it is the inner tube or the outer one the solution would be to replace both of them. However, if the damage is manageable, you can repair the leak. Check out How to Replace the Inner Tube of a Baby Stroller Wheel from our site.


We have always advised our stroller moms to look for strollers with trays. The trays can either be included when buying a stroller, or they can be purchased differently if your stroller is compatible.

They come in two sets, parent, and baby-trays. The best strollers will allow you to use these trays for snacking along your rides and strolls. Look for trays that are customized for your type of stroller. Read more about Best Double Stroller.


If you buy a double jogging stroller you should also get a foot-rest that serves all your kids. Single footrest for a side by side stroller is not cool. Your baby could easily twist their ankles in between the space.

Look for a footrest that runs through the double seats. Footrests are equally replaceable. That makes it easy for any stroller mom to get a suitable one for their kid.


We don’t want your stroller to roll away and expose your kid to danger. That’s why we have brought up the handle straps. The best stroller may or may not come with handle straps. These keep your stroller in place even when your mind suddenly slips away. Handle straps can be fitted. As a mom who cares for her lovely kid. Follow our tips and get a handle strap for your stroller. See also about Best Baby Strollers


We have given you the top 10 accessories to start with. There are much more that you could opt for. The choice is yours to go with. However, when in doubt you can always check us out to find many more options to use. Our experts are here to make your work simple and enjoyable with strollers. Good luck with your next stroller accessory.