Hello Baby Monitor Review In 2021-Buying Guide

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Hello Baby Video Baby Monitor HB50

If first impressions mean anything, Hello Baby is definitely one of the largest baby monitors on the market. It has some great features, and it’s offered at a great price of around $ 89!

Hello Baby is interested in research and development to create the best baby monitor for our customers. With 12 hours long in power-saving mode and long-term operation in your home, you can see and ensure everything around your baby with this Hello Baby 5 inch screen. Watch and listen with your child in the parenting unit.

Hello Baby Video Baby Camera is ideal for use in nurseries and toddler rooms as you can monitor different cameras from the parent unit.

hello baby monitor

We first tested HB50 while on vacation; It’s the ideal travel baby monitor due to its lightweight and compact size. We think it did a decent job, especially being able to take it apart and pack it quickly.

It has lasted well for its nearly 12 months of ownership. After that, the screen started showing faint green streaks, and it tended to get worse over time.

Given the low price (around $ 89), it might still be worth the risk. Check out our full review below to see what we loved about Hello Baby, and what we think could be improved. Also, be sure to check out our full list of the best baby monitors.

hello baby monitor

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Hello Baby Baby Monitor test
In our hands-on review of Hello Baby HB50, we took it on vacation and used it to watch our 8-month-old nephew while napping and overnighting, and to have some fun spying on our puppy in the other room!

Here are some of the best features of hello baby monitor:

Easy and convenient to operate:

Setup is as simple as plug-and-play. The parent unit powered by a rechargeable battery gives you complete mobility in the home.
Infrared night vision:

The automatic light sensor detects the lighting conditions accurately and automatically switches between the day and night modes.
Two-Way Conversation:

The crystal clear two-way voice feature allows two-way conversation as if you were in the same room with your little one.
Smart Features:

Room temperature monitoring and alerting, night vision, lullaby, LED volume indicator, low emf.

hello baby monitor

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LED indicator and sound-activated screen
Bar lights activate sound, and video with LCD screen when crying when the screen is turned off. You can instantly hear and notice your child wherever you do anything away from the nursery. Set a large volume that you can hear when the child is coughing or breathing

Infrared automatic night vision
It enables you to see and monitor your little one even when it is dark in his bedroom. Allows you to monitor any baby’s movements with a clear view during the day, even now while keeping an eye on the baby off. It allows you to monitor your sleeping baby even when you are not in the same room.

Bidirectional communication
Supports real-time intercom, and hearing your child’s voice, the parent can talk back to the camera by pressing a button to talk to your child through the screen. Relax or interact with your child in calming the sound around the space in your home, and check-in with your child using the screen instead of waking up by going to the kids’ room to search.

Lullaby Play
Calm your baby to sleep or wake with one of eight stages of lullabies.

Temperature sensor
The temperature indicator on the parent unit lets you know when is the right time to set the thermostat. Whenever this allows ensuring that your child stays in a comfortable and safe environment at all times.

100% safe with 2.4GHz frequency and stable connection, the operating range can be up to 900 feet (tested outdoors) — everything can be seen and heard in real-time.

hello baby monitor

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About Some Specifications of Hello Baby Monitor:

1. 5.0-inch color LCD screen; enhanced 2.4GHz wireless technology
2. Parents can observe the baby in a dark area with infrared night vision
3. A highly sensitive microphone that allows parents to monitor every movement, sound, or noise of the child
4. The baby monitor receiver can be paired with up to 4 cameras. One screen and one camera included
5. Additional options: No original warning. VOX automatic energy-saving mode; Low battery warning 2X digital zoom; 8 alarm levels, 8 lullabies.


Q: Is Hello Baby using WiFi?

A: 3.2 ‘’ LCD Display and 2.4GHz Wireless Technology: This baby monitor is equipped with a 3.2 ‘’ TFT LCD screen and is connected to the baby camera via an enhanced 2.4GHz wireless technology — using frequency hopping technology and digital encryption to ensure safety and reliability.

Q: Are baby monitors dangerous?

A: Baby monitors aren’t bad. It allows us to ensure the safety of our child and keep us safe at the same time. However, (and this is a big “but” word) it can be dangerous if used incorrectly (for example, allowing your child to gnaw or pull on ropes and ignore worn wires from a worn-out baby monitor).

Q: When should I stop using the baby monitor?

A: About 6 months. You can stop using the baby monitor whenever you want. But turning off the screen at night when your baby is around 6 months old can actually help you get a better night’s sleep — and help your baby develop healthy sleep habits.