Best Bodyboard Fins 2022 (Buying Guide)


Best Bodyboard Fins

What are the best bodyboard fins for 2022? How do they work? Let’s find out!

As a water sport or a leisure activity for summer holidays, bodyboarding falls into one of two categories. Perhaps some of the readers here are beginning to become interested in aquatics, or perhaps they are already familiar with it.

People who have taken up bodyboarding recently should also have a set of swim fins on hand. Besides bodyboards, they are one of the most useful items. It is important to select the right fins for bodyboarders at both a professional and amateur level, so they can achieve certain goals in the sport or at the very least move smoothly in the water.

You might still be deciding which fins are your favorite. As a bonus, I have assembled a shortlist of the 10 best bodyboard fins along with detailed product descriptions and buying tips.

What Are Bodyboarding Fins?

Surfboard fins, especially bodyboard fins, are tiny side fins that are attached to your feet when you ride a surfboard. Plastic, rubber, and carbon fiber are the most popular materials for these fins. Users can benefit from bodyboard fins as they provide additional thrust and help them remain in control of their board.

Due to the affordability of bodyboard fins, you can expect to have a great time floating on the water with them.


My Top Picks

Bodyboard fins are a highly recommended purchase whenever you begin bodyboarding due to the benefits they offer and their reasonable price.

There is, however, a wide range of products on the market and you may not know which ones are the best bodyboard fins right now. Here are some great suggestions for your bodyboard gear list based on my thorough research.

Best Bodyboarding Fins

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1. DaFin Pro

(Best Overall – Editor’s Choice)

Best Bodyboard Fins

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Key Features:

  • Rubber is used to make
  • Foot pocket in V-shape
  • Having a stiff blade
  • US Lifesaving Organization endorsement
  • XXS through XXL sizes available

There is no denying that Dafin Pro Bodyboard Fins are the most popular fins in the world today. These flippers should have been mentioned once or twice if you study water sports. A leading lifesaving organization (the United States Lifesaving Association) endorses their quality.

Fins that can be worn on either foot are made of pliable Malaysian rubber. Bodyboards with stiff blades and vertical edges have more thrust while those with spines in the center are easier to control. Bodyboarders are often concerned about the safety of their boards when walking on slippery rocks because of the ribs on the bottom side.

In addition to multiple colors and sizes, there are many different styles available. Among the Dafin Signature models is the Mark Cunningham Signature, which pays homage to a legendary Hawaiian body surfer.

Although they offer great quality for a low price, their prices do not exceed $100.

  • Slim and comfortable pockets with a light weight
  • Supports acceleration and endurance
  • On land, walkable
  • Water floats on flippers
  • For greater comfort, fin leashes are needed

Product Specifications:

Brand DaFin
Dimensions 15.94 x 10.35 x 3.7 inches
Material Malaysian rubber
Acceleration Moderate
Paddling Moderate
Floating Yes


2. Hydro Tech 2

(Best for Wide Feet)

Best Bodyboard Fins

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Key Features:

  • Silica material
  • V-rail construction
  • An asymetrical blade
  • Floating not permitted
  • There are 4 color options

All of the innovations from the previous model – the Hydro Tech Fins – have been incorporated into the Hydro Tech 2 Bodyboard Fins of Australia. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Depending on the size of the foot, the variants can be grouped for people with wide feet and even people with big toes.

Made of silicone-based material, these flippers are made of T-Form. V-rails, created with an innovative design, provide an extra surface to promote propulsion. This means that it isn’t necessary to strain yourself to catch a wave since any kick in the water will be supported.

With ergonomic foot pockets, you can slip on and off more easily. There are three holes on each fin, which allow water and sand to escape.

It is possible to place the fins on the bodyboard while in a kneeling position because of the fin’s structure. The treads make it possible for users to walk on land.

  • Experience with the central vortex
  • No attempts to reach the maximum thrust
  • Comfortable silicone is flexible
  • Sand drainage and rapid water flow
  • A long distance network may not be able to meet demand
  • When using fins, leashes are required

Product Specifications:

Dimensions 16.73 x 9.49 x 3.62 inches
Material Silicone
Acceleration Moderate
Paddling Fast
Floating No


3. Wildhorn Topside Hydro

(Best for Beginners)

Best Bodyboard Fins

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Key Features:

  • The strap is adjustable via Velcro
  • Neoprene fabric
  • Blades that are short
  • Technology that allows free-floating
  • Toggle the tab

In order for the Wildhorn Topside Hydro Bodyboard Fins to be as versatile as possible, the manufacturer has combined the shoe’s and fin’s function to allow its users to move effortlessly and enjoy revolutionary comfort on land or in the water.

They are extremely durable due to their high-polymer blend base and adjustable velcro straps around the ankles. No more cumbersome straps for the heels!

A strong rubber sole in each fin eliminates the need for foot protection. Furthermore, closed toes and heels prevent hypertension in the feet. Neoprene boots also prevent your feet from getting squashed.

The short blades may not be ideal for long-distance purposes, but they propel effectively in the water and boost your speed tremendously. The free-floating technology ensures that you will find your fins even if they are slipped off.

Due to their convenience, these fins are perfect for traveling. Whether you enjoy water activities or not, the Wildhorn Topside Hydro Bodyboard Fins want to join you wherever you go.

  • Beginners’ safety is guaranteed
  • The product lifts and supports the legs
  • Provide a non-slippery walking experience
  • Portable design of the product
  • Long offshore bodyboarding is not recommended

Product Specifications:

Brand Wildhorn Outfitters
Dimensions 15.12 x 8.19 x 7.17 inches
Material Neoprene
Acceleration Moderate
Paddling Moderate
Floating Yes


4. Churchill Makapuu Pro

(Best for Speed)

Best Bodyboard Fins

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Key Features:

  • Tails of dolphins
  • Rails on the sides
  • Boots with heel straps
  • Rubberized gum is completely natural
  • Drainage hole on the bottom

This bodyboard fin set is designed by and for professionals, making it a speed master in the water. The flippers of these bodyboards have a unique dolphin-tail shape, making them exceptionally different from other types of bodyboard fins.

Its unique construction greatly contributes to the distinctive style of the fins. Almost all of the fin’s material is made from 100% natural gum rubber that is incredibly soft and flexible. For greater acceleration, it is recommended that the rubber blades be stiffer.

It is neoprene-lined on the fin pockets and heels, which makes it buoyant.

Flippers remain stable even with strong kicks when tethered. In order to maintain better control of a bodyboard, thick padding heels help provide more support to the feet.

  • Filling holes with water and rocks eliminates tiny rocks
  • Blade stiffness improves thrust for speed
  • Wearable all day long
  • Versions are only available in two types

Product Specifications:

Brand Churchill
Dimensions 4.9 x 13.9 x 7.2 inches
Material Natural gum rubber
Acceleration Fast
Paddling Slow
Floating Yes


5. Voit Duck Feet

(Best Lifespan)

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Bodyboarders had access to similar swim fins as early as the Voit Duck Feet Swim Bodyboard Fins. These fins have been around since the early 50s and have become a legend themselves. The fins still enjoy huge popularity around the world even though the company’s ownership changed.

Voit Duck Feet Swim Bodyboard Fins are made of dual-density rubber and are non-marking and floating at the same time. The fins are extremely hydrodynamic because of their angled lines, which allows for excellent propulsion without requiring much force.

Water, sand, and shells are effectively eliminated by double drainage holes. Straight heel straps provide ultimate comfort and stability.

A pair of neoprene fin socks is highly recommended for the product because it is very snug. If you are shopping for fins, it is recommended to add half an inch to your true foot size.

  • An expert tests the life warranty
  • There is no need to exert much effort
  • Kids and adults alike will enjoy it
  • Inaccurate size charts
  • Adapting to fins takes time

Product Specifications:

Brand Voit
Dimensions 18 x 7 x 1 inches
Material Dual-density natural rubber (soft and stiff)
Acceleration Moderate
Paddling Moderate
Floating Yes



(Best Drainage System)

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Key Features:

  • Design of the orca tail
  • Rubber gum can be used
  • Green Blue color
  • Water drainage hole at the bottom
  • A triple rib

You cannot ignore the DORSAL Bodyboard Swim Fins if you are looking for a decent pair of fins! They are made entirely from gum rubber, one of the highest-quality materials for swim fins.

Due to their exclusive bat-like rails, these fins are known as phantom swim fins. The blade has triple ribs, which allow you to expect powerful thrust in the water. Rail Ridges of the 3 blades create more energy that is then put into the blades where it is used for propulsion.

A large drainage hole is located at the bottom of the fin’s toe in order to eliminate the vacuum created by the fin’s vacuum drain design. This fin costs less than $50. Great price!

You will notice that when the petals are dry, they are quite stiff. However, once they are wet, they would soften up so get them wet before you put them on!

  • Sand and water escape through large holes
  • Acceleration at its maximum
  • Salt water floats
  • Getting used to new feet takes some time

Product Specifications:

Material Gum rubber
Acceleration Fast
Paddling Moderate
Floating Yes

: Despite being rather rigid, the fins promise to deliver exceptional comfort to your feet when entering the water.

7. Churchill Makapuu

(Best Flexible Pockets)

Best Bodyboard Fins


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Key Features:

  • Fins shaped like dolphins
  • Design that slips on
  • S-XL sizes available
  • Gum rubber is used for this product
  • Inflated

It is no surprise that the Churchill brand is well known among bodyboard fins. An excellent product to consider is the Churchill Makapuu Swim Bodyboard Fins.

Each fin’s material has been individually checked for quality. The design is also very unique. A dolphin’s tail is mimicked when two fins are put together.

In the water, the flippers are very comfortable and satisfy because of their asymmetric shapes. They give you great acceleration without sacrificing comfort. When you’ve been looking for the perfect softness, these fins are exactly what you’re looking for!

Due to lightweight materials, Churchill Makapuu Swim Bodyboard Fins provide excellent buoyancy. In contrast, they often slip off your feet when you produce a good kick. Therefore, separate ankle bracelets may be necessary to prevent them from getting lost.

There are only two colors available for the product. Nevertheless, the blue/yellow version makes an outstanding impression. However, the green classic version is very simple and identifiable.

  • An innovative design enables professional performance
  • Blades that are stiff facilitate powerful kicks
  • Built with high-quality materials
  • Comfortable and powerful
  • Availability of models is limited
  • Equipment needed for extra work

Product Specifications:

Brand Churchill
Dimensions 18.74 x 10.79 x 4.8 inches
Material Natural gum rubber
Acceleration Fast
Paddling Slow
Floating Yes


8. Kpaloa Pro

(Best Comfort)

Best Bodyboard Fins

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Key Features:

  • Rubber material vulcanized
  • Pocket for rubberized feet
  • Henrique Pistilli endorses
  • The blades have a symmetrical design
  • Contains three drainage holes
  • Latitudinal ridges

I am referring to a unique edition of flippers designed by a Bodyboarder World Champion. Compared to other swim fins, the Kpaloa Pro Bodyboard Fins have all the improvements and innovations of a professional swim fin.

These fins are made up of different types of rubber with varying densities, so they support every movement you make in the water. Kpaloa Pro Bodyboard Fins are predominantly made from vulcanized rubber with a flexible foot pocket and medium hard blade. A low profile anatomical strap ensures that you will have an amazing bodyboarding experience.

The Balanced Floating formula was created after a thorough and careful investigation into bodyboard fins. This flipper’s symmetrical design offers additional benefits to its users.

On each fin are three escape holes that allow water to drain off. In spite of being a professional model, the Kpaloa Pro Bodyboard Fins can be used by both beginners and experts.

  • Several studies led to the development of a product
  • Fluidity and leg kicks with special flippers
  • Natural buoyancy
  • A wide variety of colors are available
  • It is not ideal to have small drainage holes

Product Specifications:

Brand Kpaloa
Dimensions 15.35 x 8.66 x 2.56 inches
Material Rubber
Acceleration Fast
Paddling Slow
Floating Yes


9. MS Viper

(Best for Drop Knee)

Best Bodyboard Fins

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Key Features:

  • Orange in color
  • Design of a delta tail
  • Sidewalls with bevels
  • Design with wide and short blades
  • Material made of natural rubber

The MS Viper Bodyboard Fins rely on an exclusive technology called the Mike Stewart Science Delta Tail to create a design that makes it easy to turn when bodyboarding. Having beveled sidewalls gives you greater control over your bodyboard.

Short and wide blades are designed to promote quicker kicks. The rivet grip tread provides you with incredible comfort and propulsion along with minimal vertical edges.

The versatile nature of the MS Viper Bodyboard Fins is attributed to their different stiffnesses. When it comes to stiff models, yellow dots are usually on the blades, while on flex models, there are dots of different colors. There are stiff and flex models available, depending on your own preferences.

  • Swim fins that are very durable
  • Colorful decorations
  • Suitable for drop knees
  • People with wide feet may find this item difficult to use
  • Longer sessions require fin socks

Product Specifications:

Brand MS Viper
Dimensions 16 x 11 x 4 inches
Material Natural rubber
Acceleration Fast
Paddling Moderate
Floating Yes


10. Cressi Agua Short

(Best Budget)

Best Bodyboard Fins

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Key Features:

  • Updated version
  • Foot Pockets with Self-Adjusting Systems
  • Designed and made in Italy
  • Limited warranty of two years
  • Designed with short blades

Cressi, an Italian company founded in 1946, makes these products. Cressi Agua Short Bodyboard Fins feature the latest technology known as Self Adjusting Foot Pocket System, which enables them to fit all foot shapes. Additionally, these fins do not require that you wear socks or booties.

The lightweight rubber allows users to stay in the water for a long period of time without becoming fatigued. As for hydrodynamic rails, they stimulate leg muscles, enabling you to move faster on the water. You will then be able to easily ride your bodyboard as your shoulders will be elevated.

There are few angles and simple blades on the fins. Consequently, they do not take up much space in your luggage. Now, you can go on tropical vacations with your favorite fins!

My suggestion list also includes the Cressi Agua Short Bodyboard Fins, which are also the most affordable ones.

  • Fits your feet perfectly
  • Improve the flexibility of your ankles
  • The reasonable price makes this a good deal
  • It’s easy to pack because it’s simple
  • Fins with short length waste a large amount of power
  • Leashes for fins are not included

Product Specifications:

Brand Cressi
Dimensions 16.14 x 7.87 x 2.76 inches
Material Natural rubber
Acceleration Slow
Paddling Fast
Floating Yes


Choosing the Right Bodyboard Fins

Most bodyboarders struggle with choosing the right bodyboard fins. It is indeed a recipe for disaster to buy a product on a whim and then find out that it is mismatched later. This is an excellent question, and I’d be happy to help.

I added to the article a buying guide just in case your plans are still up in the air.

The most important thing is to know where the product is aimed and to figure out what your own needs are. Manufacturers create a wide range of products for a variety of uses.

Faster kicks are possible with shorter bladed fins. Fins with longer blades cut deeper into the water, giving you better propulsion and making it easier to handle the bodyboard.

1. Material

The importance of choosing a product made from high-quality materials cannot be overstated. Users will be able to easily catch waves if their foot cavity is soft and flexible, while the blade needs to be stiff to move forward smoothly.

It isn’t a bad idea to own a pair of fins that will float as well, since you’ll be able to keep them on when you’re not wearing them.

Additionally, fins with non-slip treads will prevent you from slipping on slippery rocks. On the other hand, you can make sure you are not weighed down on water by choosing a material that is lightweight (natural rubber).

2. Size

Also, you need to make sure your shoes are the right size for your feet. It is important to select the appropriate fin size if you don’t want your performance to suffer. A suitable product is also more comfortable for you.

During a bodyboarding session, your fins may slip off because they are too loose. A tight fit may lead to injury, while a loose fit might lead to injury as well.

There are different size charts for fins from different brands. You should speak to your peers about size before making your purchase. When you discover that the items you have purchased aren’t the ones you were seeking, it can really knock the wind out of your sails.

3. Extra equipment

It is necessary to purchase extra separate gadgets to ensure your ultimate comfort and safety when using bodyboard fins. What sort of fin socks will you wear?

In that case, you need to decide which accessories to choose and how big to make them. It’s simple to get these things; you can find them at various water sports stores or you can contact the retailer of your fins for more information.

Fins for bodyboards and their accompanied gear won’t cost you an arm and a leg, so you won’t have to worry about them eating up your savings.

How to Use Bodyboard Fins?

Family activities like bodyboarding are fascinating. In order to achieve a satisfactory performance, you must know how important bodyboard fins are. Obviously, you may wonder about the best way to use your swim fins. If you’re reading this, your questions are answered.

You should put on your flippers at the shore rather than on the sand. You need to walk backward out to the sea when the water reaches your ankles in order to use blades in that case.

It’s time to figure out how to use your flippers. While your hands are in the water you can relax your feet. You can use your legs’ power instead by stabilizing your hands on the nose of the board, keeping your arms straight, and kicking up and down with your fins in the water.

In the event of a breaking wave, lower your head, use your chest to keep your board flat on the surface of the water and your hips to force the board’s tail downward, then kick as hard as you can using the flippers on your feet.

Watch Video: How Do I Use Swim Fins?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bodyboard fins are often asked about, and here are the most commonly asked questions.

Bodyboarding without fins is possible?

It is possible. It is also possible to find some tips and tricks on the Internet about bodyboarding without flippers. The only problem is, catching waves will require you to use both your arms and legs. Moreover, your legs may be completely unsupported, making it extremely exhausting. You should never aim for top speeds.

It is nearly impossible for those with muscle weakness to bodyboard without swim fins. Your performance will improve in every aspect with fins: catching waves, paddling, and riding bodyboards.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Bodyboard Fins?

You should choose ones that are comfortable and not too loose or tight on your feet. If your fins are loose, water will flow into your pocket, and if they are tight, you will get blisters. You are welcome to contact the producers if you would like half size fins so that they are able to offer the most suitable fins.

Fins do not all have the same size charts, so make sure to read the information carefully and ask for advice from professionals or those who have used the product before.

How Come Bodyboard Fins Are Angled?

It is common for bodyboard fins to have angled rails so that they can cut into the water surface to develop thrust. Angles combine with blades when users kick with their flippers, using a powerful force to propel bodyboarders into waves before they break. In other words, angles increase acceleration.

Wearing fins can cause blistering. How can I avoid it?

Put on fin socks or heel pads as soon as possible if your fins support them! Once you’ve used the fins, drain off the water in the foot pockets and dry them with straight blades. It’s not a good idea to leave them at low temperatures because the rubber can dry rot.

WindSurfingMag Overview

Bodyboarders need a good pair of swim fins to keep themselves safe and supported while enjoying the bodyboarding water sport. Kids and adults alike can use bodyboard fins since they are inexpensive and readily available.

Having researched the products available on the market in order to better understand them, I have compiled a list of the best bodyboard fins to purchase in 2022. Some of those recommendations here might be what you’ve been searching for. I hope this article is helpful to you.

The DaFin is my top pick for best overall with outstanding features that no bodyboard fins can compare.

A great alternative for those who don’t want to spend too much money on slippers would be the Cressi Agua Short. It is certain that the Hydro Tech 2 option would make wide feet no longer an issue!

You can begin your bodyboarding training with the Wildhorn Topside Hydro if you are a beginner. Additionally, those who want a massive speedup will be in love with the Churchill Makapuu Pro!

Don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends if you find it just what the doctor ordered. Others in your group might be interested in bodyboarding, but are unsure where to buy bodyboard fins. Let them know where to buy! Share this page with them!